Why we exist

Great opportunities should be seized immediately

The fact that new technologies are vital to combining awareness with growth is not only a truism in the financial world. Currently, unique digital values which cannot be copied, in short: Blockchain technologies - are emerging as key drivers for growth and returns. 

Concerning Industry 4.0 and machine-to-machine communication, blockchain is turning out to be THE new engine for economic growth and productivity. An aside from this, it’s also the main driver for state interests and activities.

An Economic and Social revolution? We believe so.

Blockchain harbours unimaginable opportunities - both for the financial industry itself, and all areas from health and education to production and administration. 

In principle, Blockchain not only guarantees the largely smooth operation of a digital monetary system, but the system can also be used to organise every conceivable exchange that can somehow be digitally mapped. As a result of this companies from all industries, not only banking and financial service providers, have good reason to be concerned with this technology - Robert Bosch being just one of many examples.

How blockchain works

The blockchain is a decentralised database structure that records transactions transparently, anonymously, and securely. This technology also forms the basis of cryptocurrencies, for example Bitcoin or Ether.

With the blockchain technology, data can be standardised, unchangeable and completely bundled into a perfect data pool that controllers and investors can access and use for their individual evaluations. An unsullied picture of corporate reality is created in real time - more cost-effectively and faster than any professional controlling team or investment consultant could ever create.

More safety. More democratisation. More freedom.

Cryptocurrencies on the blockchains are independent of a national, inflationary currency and offer investors unique opportunities to protect and increase their assets. Thus, the dominance of knowledge and interpretation as an element of power (e.g. that of banks) is completely eliminated. What counts are data and facts. Nothing else.

Blockchain leads to more democratisation and, simultaneously, to a lower entry barrier when it comes to wealth creation.

We are certain that reservations about this new technology will soon be a thing of the past, as with fear of the railroad.

It is time to actively shape the future.


What we do

No hype

At Immutable Insight, we are the opposite of the self-proclaimed gods of the blockchain scene. We are analysts through and through. Facts and figures form the basis of our decisions. Nothing else.


Doing is like wanting - only more determined

We have developed algorithms and ways to analyse and compare data across the different blockchains. In doing this, we can provide mathematically and physically, 100% reliable evaluations - faultless information that is very close to the ideal economic model.

We rely on trading digital assets (tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain, because Ethereum is THE platform for Smart contracts and forms a secure basis for a decentralised financial system and secure transactions.


How you can benefit

The ultimate alternative

We are convinced: The future of asset management lies in digital assets based on blockchain technology. We have the necessary expertise and can provide 100% reliable insights, that open the door to bringing professional and profitable blockchain asset management to you.

10 good reasons to invest in BlockchainFonds by Immutable Insight now:

Digital assets will be the most attractive assets of the next decade.

The Ethereum blockchain is THE platform for digital assets. It forms a secure basis for a decentralised financial system and Industry 4.0.

The independence and high growth potential of these tokens open entirely new doors for profitable trading with digital assets. A high degree of diversification within the assets is also guaranteed.

We enable you to get started with digital assets as easily and conveniently as with traditional investment products.

We are based in Germany and work within an established legal framework.

We fuse the Swabian innovative spirit with Bavarian quality standards.

We generate maximum returns for you through a quantitative investment strategy and consistent risk management, because we know more - and can act accordingly for you.

We take our fiduciary responsibility as seriously as we respect and support regulators.

We use our own money-laundering prevention algorithms, which enable the "cleanest entry".

We are personally, and equally, invested and risk-exposed.

WHY invest
in Blockchain

Traditional portfolios such as real estate, stocks, private equity and venture capital investments are closely intertwined and have one thing in common: an ever-increasing correlation.


WHY IN INVEST IMMUtable insight's 
BlockChain FUND

We rely on trading digital assets (tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain, because Ethereum is THE platform for smart contracts and forms a secure basis for a decentralised financial system and secure transactions.



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