We offer a wide range of products and services, such as periodic analytical reports, asset analyses, portfolio strategies, back-testing of investment hypotheses and advisory services for boards of directors. These include business model evaluations, competitor and market observations, supplier analyses and tailor-made executive education. For investors and token issuers, we offer exclusive market alerts and trading insights, while guaranteeing due diligence and providing business intelligence for single asset and portfolio decisions.
All our products are based on the idea of combining thorough mathematical analytics with high-end visualization for easy comprehension of complex matters. The essence of our work is making big data understandable at first sight. Furthermore, we tailor the services to the needs of our different client groups:

Investor, Trader, Issuer, Asset Manager

Our more specific analyses include back-testing of investment hypotheses, portfolio strategies and screening for investment opportunities based on given parameters.

Authorities, Law Enforcement, Governments

Our forensic products are aimed at law firms, auditing firms, regulators, market authorities, law enforcement, as well as the executive and legislative branch. Taking scientifically reliable data as the basis, it is now possible to identify market anomalies, determine the effectiveness of policies or even design the appropriate framework for a growing and well-functioning digital asset market. To illustrate the respective reasoning, we first collect evidence from the blockchain . Then, we deliver it in such a visual manner that also allows clients, judges and investigators without any prior knowledge of blockchain technology to understand the information provided.

Established corporations

Established corporations from all industries and regions of the world can buy our competitor analytics in relation to their blockchain activities. This includes analyses on growth rates, user numbers and their activity. The same applies to potential suppliers (e.g. in the fields of logistics, financial or product quality) which use blockchain technology for a new and improved product or service. For executive teams and boards, we offer a briefing that is customized, adequate to the target audience and highly time-effective. This briefing addresses the distributed ledger technology as well as the implications for their prospective business – both the possibilities and the risks.